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Hive Beetles in Package bees.

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Hey all,

I just placed two package of bees and noticed Hive Beetles in both packages.

Is this normal ?

Should there be beetles in a new package of bees?


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Unfortunately, Small Hive Beetles travel in packages, much like they travel in swarms and nucs, and just like they over winter within the cluster in Northern states. Should they be in there? No. But they are.
If your packages came from here in AL, then you'll probably get a few. When they shake the bees out, the beetles fall, too!
I have had SHBs crawling out of the truck when hauling packages home from the supplier :(
Thanks all,

I was just concerned that I might have a problem right out of the box before my girls bet settled in their new hive :)


My packages from Georgia had them last year and the year before. Guess we'll have to live with these pests until someone finds a means to do away with them. :doh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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