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So this summer has been ridiculous for hive beetles (for me atleast). More so than usual. It's been rainy and humid and temperatures haven't been nearly as hot as the past few years. Normally I don't have a problem with hive beetles. Strong hives are no problem, its my splits that completely failed. I made them extra strong this year to combat the beetles and they still got over ran in a matter of days.

So now I find myself trying to rid myself of hive beetles. I'm exploring the use of neem oil. In theory it seems like it would be effective to stop their reproduction, but the delivery is where i'm hung up on. I'm considering an in hive feed specifically for the hive beetles, but the bees cannot go after it. Anyone have any ideas for a beetle bait that bees find absolutely repulsive and stay away from? I think the bees trying to remove it from the hive would be acceptable, just so long as they don't feed it to the larvae.

The purpose of this is to explore neem oil as a method of stopping the larvae from staying alive long enough to do damage or prevent eggs from hatching altogether.
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