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The Rare Hawaiian Honey Company is a producer of gourmet, organic honey varieties. Our customer base receives and expects the highest quality raw organic honey available. Producing honey of this quality requires a unique attention to detail. We are currently recruiting applicants for the position of Production Manager; a position that is largely responsible for the quality of the products we produce. The Production Manager coordinates with the Senior Beekeeper and ownership in the planning of activities.

A successful candidate for our Production Manager position will have a diverse skillset. This is a senior level position which will involve administrative, managerial and hands-on production responsibilities. An ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

1) Experience and ability to lead a team in a manner that promotes harmony among the staff
2) Experience and ability to conduct preventative maintenance on equipment and machinery
3) Experience and ability to conduct repairs of equipment when necessary
4) Experience and ability to operate forklifts, honey extraction equipment, bottling equipment, labeling equipment and medium sized trucks.
5) Computer literate, with experience using Excel and Word as well as basic Internet savvy
7) Beekeeping skills are not required, but the successful candidate will be required to assist in harvesting honey in the field as well as moving bees and occasionally assisting in routine hive maintenance
8) Attention to detail and maintenance of a clean work environment are important personality traits
9) Ability to do strenuous physical labor on a regular basis.

We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii (Hawaii Island) with an office, warehouse and honey production facility in Kamuela (Waimea). Applicants without US citizenship will not be considered unless they already possess documentation that will allow them to work and remain in the United States. We offer a very competitive salary, commensurate with experience, along with full health benefits and a profit sharing plan. Please contact our office to fill out a job application. (808) 775-1000, of [email protected].
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