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So I have done this many times and really don't know the exact result. Maybe someone can tell me.

I have bustling hives with 20 frames full of bee's. I have small hives with 2-3 frames of bee's. I swap the small into the Bigs spot and get an influx of the returning workers. Gives a great jump start to the little hive.

The question is as pertains to the big hive:

1.) Since the big hive has just lost its work force what is the effect of that on production?

2.) Have I set them back a week or..????

3.) What would be the same result, taking a frame of bee's from the big hive into the little hive?

4.) Is there a time of day that would be better? Like at noon or 3 I would only be taking 1/2 the workforce.?

Just curious and cannot find an answers in any of the threads I have searched.

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The colony whose workers have been Shanghied will re-assign younger bees to do foraging duty earlier if they feel the need. It's quick (as opposed to brood frames, which have to hatch out and mature). Don't worry about the time of day too much; they're strongly oriented and it'll serve its purpose.
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