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Hi Guys Newbie Here

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Hi Guys,

New to beekeeping, looking at getting into with my uncle! We have a serious passion for bees and look to have our own company by next year.
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Welcome to the forum and the world of beekeeping. You have an ambitious goal- which is commendable and will no doubt keep you focused on the objective.

At least in my personal experience, setbacks are an unavoidable part of beekeeping, so don't lose heart if things don't go exactly according to plan.

Best of success to you in your beekeeping efforts, and again welcome!

Welcome to Bee Source. Best of luck with your upcoming obsession. Where are you located? You should list your location so you get local info when you have a question.
Hi there! Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around. :)
Welcome. It's a great hobby. If you are brand new to this you might want to start small to get your feet under you. 5 is a really good number that give you the highest odds for over wintering success. You can split aggressively the following year to increase the size of your apiary. Losses come from mites and starvation mostly. Good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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