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Hi from Maine heading for Tennessee

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This looks like the forum on beekeeping I've been looking for. Not new to beekeeping, but I know there's a lot I don't know, and I'm sure I'm going to find new friends and answers to my questions.

Right now I'm in Maine and have decided 8 months of winter is more than I can tolerate. ;0) So, I'm looking for the right piece of land in Central or Eastern Tennessee to homestead (have family in VA, TN, and KY) and maybe build a small permaculture village of 4-10 families and/or singles. If any of you know of a an abandoned farm in need of rehabilitation or an elderly farmer who wants to stay on his/her farm but can no longer do all the physical work, please let me know. I'll be heading to TN toward the end of May to look at a few places I've found online, but none of them, so far, matches my imagined property of 40+ acres, about half woods, with springs or creeks on a gentle south-facing slope with view of the Smokies or Blue Ridge Mountains.

Looking forward to participating in this forum and building my beekeeping operation one hive at a time.
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Welcome! Call me biased but TN is one of the best states in the east.
Thanks for the welcome, Rod, and I'll definitely need some LUCK finding the right property at the right (low) price.
Thanks for the welcome Kamon, I've watched a number of your beekeeping videos on YouTube. Learned a few things I didn't know. As to being biased, we all are toward the state we grew up in.

Growing up, I thought Maine was ideal and carried a picture of my favorite mountain, Katahdin, in my wallet for over 40 years while I chased my dreams around the world, but when I returned to Maine last year I found everything had changed and not for the better. Maine used to be known for its Yankee Ingenuity and its self-reliant and resilient people, but it has gone socialist like CA and NY, and half the state is on welfare and seem to like it that way. New Hampshire is the last holdout for liberty in the Northeast, but it voted in a lot of socialists last Nov, and I had to take it too off my short list of places to live.

So I'll try the Volunteer State and hope to find more liberty-loving Americans to spend my senior years with. Hope we get to meet at a Bee Event one of these days.
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