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Hi from Lincoln, Uk

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As yet no bees, but a friend asked me if I could build her a Nuc hive as I have a table saw and router. I've purchased a couple of the 'Dummies' books, ie: Building Beehives and the other was Beekeeping for Dummies. Strangely I'm halfway through the 'Beekeeping' book as its really interesting where I should be concentrating on the 'Building Beehives as that was the reason for my new found interest in Bees.

No doubt I'll get into the other book when my friend calls to see how the build is progressing.

I expect there are beekeepers in Lincoln, but it never accurd to me that people would keep bees in their back gardens. Anyway, I thought I'd sign up here and if I needed any help I won't have far to go.

Thanks a lot.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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