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Hey, Velbert; your queens are doing great

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:thumbsup: My 2009 Russian queen wintered well; the colony was efficient with use of stores. It was the only hive out working in the 50 degree weather during the early pollen flow.

I split it this spring because they were building up fast.

The daughter queen is laying a beautiful brood pattern and is in the second deep now. They are calm and easy to work.

The half that kept the original queen is brooding in two deeps now and is fillng a honey super. I'm raising a few extra daughter queens from her to use this fall if I need them.

Your 2010 queens (in nucs) are both are going strong.
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That is very nice to hear glad you are liking them the queen from 2009 is just Russian and 2010 queens are the vsh/russians. let me know whitch you like best by the end of this season. Thank you very much for the report. Velbert
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