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Got back in town a month ago and found a hive swarm had moved to top of hive cover. Went to get them at day light and had a quart and a half of dead bees and thought the mesquite spray survives went bk into the hive and queen was good. Exam showed couple of queen cells and I dropped the frame in a nuc which now is filled solid with eggs and brood so dropped a second nuc on top and checker boarded the nuc

But my the original hive had a full med super full of honey but all the brood I found in two double deeps was and a third of a frame of brood and 3 superseded cells open. And two other 3 inch spots of brood In the hive.
Is this a laying worker.
This was last Wednesday little over a month later.
What is the best to do to fix the problems.
Drop a frame of eggs from the nuc and wait and see If they start queen cells then combine the nuc and hive depending
Try to combine the nuc with the hive with the possibility of a new queen that has yet to start laying
This was my best hive with Baton Rouge queen that laid solid eggs every similar to her daughter in the nuc

I also need to requeen my bee weaver Hive that now I need coveralls and heavy duty gloves with bees chasing you 60 yards. Made a mistake hive swarmed and had multiple qcells and I dropped a nuc for a buddy but left another queen eating out. Should have killed them all and dropped a nuc frame for a gentle queen but hind sight had not cked the nuc yet——. Best way to find her among all the bees comiting suscide if you cannot see the queen well.

My preference is to have two calm easy going hives and a spare nuc when thing get back to normal.
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