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i guess i should have started here first. : ) name is rob.

new beek. my first TBH build, finished it 4-1-14 and had bees in it 4-5-14. it's a really cool hobby and already looking at building a second TBH. i just wanted bees around for the pollination factor. fair sized garden and several fruit trees. i have been helping my buddy with his hives for several months. building, repairing, cleaning and setting up boxes to be ready for this season.

anyway, i am here to learn what i have been missing. i am more of a hands on guy, than a throw money at it. it's all about learning. we tried something different with the TBH. my buddy had the idea of marrying a brood chamber with the TBH. the girls are doing great, filled the brood box and have went crazy building 'burr comb' and not touched the bars yet.


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