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Hey everyone.

In the process of moving from Virginia to PA.

I started beekeeping about 3 years ago. But when I had my bees in the past when living in VA, I was 2.5 hours away from them. It did not work out. So I bought a house in PA with a couple acres. I will have bees in my backyard now.

I worked out a spot and order 4 hives to start this year. Looking forward to picking them up in a few months. In the meantime, I am auditing what equipment I have.

A friend of mine has a band-saw and circular saw, I hope to build some my own beekeeping supplies in the near future.

I have a good strain of sunflowers that I will replant in my new location. Plus all the other bee friendly plants that I can find. I live around 3 farms and several large ponds. A very good location I think.

Looking forward to talking everything bees with everyone.

Good luck all.
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