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Some of my hives were attacked by a bear exactly a week ago. Link to original post:!!-Ideas-on-how-to-handle-theaftermath I strengthened the ground connection for my fence, and though there are signs the bear came back (poop and one hive had been shifted slightly on it's cinder blocks), the bear did not breach the fence and must have gotten the full 7,000 volts.

I managed to scrape together enough frames that weren't completely damaged and the bees on them to reconstruct 3 hives. I gave them a week to rest and recover and so today I checked on them. I'm amazed that each hive has new eggs!! Not many but they are there--one per cell!! I wasn't sure if there were queens or not, but they must have been protected under the piles of bees. I'm so happy. I only lost 1 out of the four affected hives.

So now, that I know their status, I'm wondering what's the next best steps. I've never encountered anything like this before. There are a few issues. Much of the foundation is in bad shape with only partial comb or just smeared honey and pollen. The bees do seem to be cleaning this up. And they do seem to be making some new comb, in some select frames. Should I leave this stuff for them? Will they reconstruct it? Or give them fresh foundation?

The bees are foraging pollen and nectar, but I should probably feed syrup and pollen sub to help them along? I wonder if that would just create robbing from the two other strong hives present. (Maybe it's time to make robbing screens).

I have 17 other hives in this and other locations in great shape. Is there an advantage to giving the attacked bees frames of capped brood or more eggs? I guess that would have the effect of weakening some other hives, but most of them are not for honey this year, so I guess they could afford it. Is this even a viable idea at this point in the season?

Interested in others experiences for similar catastrophes and some sound methods. Thanks!
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