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Can someone please help me! We are new to bee fact we just rec'd our bees on Friday and introduced them into the hive Friday night. Everything was ok until yesterday and the bees started to collect underneath the hive. We have two hives and it happened with both of them. We scooped the bees up last night and placed them back in the hives. This morning they we all underneath one of the hives again. Can someone please tell me how to get the bees back in the hive where they will stay...We have two hives and we are pretty sure we have already lost the bees for one hive. We are desperately trying to save the other one...someone please help!
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Does the hive have adequate ventilation?
Makes me wonder if there is something in the hive they do not like, I'm very new to beekeeping but that just doesn't add up. What are the hive bodies made of? Do the frames have permacomb in them? If so is there any type of oil on the permacomb? Has it been raining? If so are the hives slightly tipped to allow water run out?
By any chance are they on Screened Bottom Boards vs. Solid Bottom Boards? Where did you install queenie, on the top of a frame or with the cage on the bottom boards?
Brandy they he did not put the solid bottom in. We hung the cage the queen came in inbetween two frames like we were instructed. The cage however had lost it's sugar plug. We are concerned she came out too soon.
They are made of wood. The man we bought the hives from has multiple identical hives and his thrive. We went with the wax foundation - no oil. It did rain slightly this weekend here but we do have the hives tipped forward for rain to run out.
yes the hive is well ventilated. as a matter of fact they are unable to go into the hive in several places besides the entrance.
Put the solid bottom in, at least till the bees are established. There are plenty of reports on Beesource of new packages not liking screened bottoms, and absconding.
Rader sidetrack thanks! Should we just scoop them back up and put them back in again?
Also make sure your queen is not under the hive. If she is, that's why they keep going underneath, to be with their queen. Do put the solid bottom in also.


I have seen bees gather underneath a screened bottom board when they are not used to them. I would close up the sbb, that will help keep the smell of the new colony inside, if that makes any sense. Are you feeding with sugar syrup? Very important for a new package, if you have not already I would set up some style of in-hive feeder. If you decide to buy more bees in the future, I would suggest a nuc from a local beekeeper with a good reputation, much easier for a new beek imo. Good luck with your bees.
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