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help with ross rounds.......

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i need some advice on ross rounds. ive never had any success with them. but i have a set up and would like to get them available to customers asking for them.i need advise from people who are getting these drawn and capped.
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three articles written by lloyd spear who sells ross rounds

the way I do it, just like cut comb, when the early flows start put on a regular super, when they start to fill it, slide a ross round underneath it, only on really good strong hive in a really good flow, as they fill the middle, rotate them to the outside, and keep your fingers crossed, they do work just like a queen excluder ususally.
Yep, that's the way I do it. Just gotta watch the ends frames and rotate to the middle to get them capped.
I find in my area it is as much luck as skill:) I usually put them on with a good honey flow, sometimes they fill them others they ignore them. It is not a big market for me so I don't go to great lengths to produce them. I find it much easier to alternate foundationless frames in honey supers and just make cut comb for people who want comb/chunk honey.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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