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Hi. Last fall I treated with 2 rounds of Apiguard. In March I did two rounds of OA vaporization for the first time. Followed directions and temp recommendations, didnt see a dramatic mite fall after OA. The hives made it through the brutal winter w pretty decent size. On April 27th I pulled my queens for swarm prevention as they were starting to raise swarm cells. Now, its been cold wet and rainy all week. ( great mating flight weather!).
The last 2 days there have been a total of 15+ dead drones on the landing board of one hive. I wanted to stay out of the hives until I think the new queen should be laying but 2 of the drones had deformed wings.

Question is what to do?
Are deformed wings always a serious mite problem?
Repeat OA treatment?
Would the brood break from pulling queens be enough to monitor for a while or an excellent time for one OA treatment?
Would OA interfere w a new queen?
Thanks, Todd
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