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Long story:

A couple of years ago I had been maintaining a couple of hives of Italians. A long absence due to work, and at the worst possible time for a beekeeper, made the hives unsuitable for habitation for the bees, and they moved out. Due to the increased operations tempo at work, and my schooling at night, I decided to let nature take the hives until at least after I finished school. The hive was sumarily consumed by ants and wax moths, and was in dismal condition for more than a year.
This spring while mowing the lawn I noticed bees coming in and out of my hive. I stopped the lawn mower to see what was going on, and I saw that a new swarm was making themselves at home in one of my old hives. I took it apart and was immediately saddened by the conditions on the inside. To give them a better chance, I helped them clean up the wax moth infestation and chewed up wax. I put some "new" frames in with some foundation on them, and these things really took off. I'd like to ID these little buggers so I have a better understanding about how to manage them, but google is failing me. Here are some of the traits I have observed sofar:

This queen is an egg laying machine, and the workers have already consumed the super, and are on their way from consuming the shallow super I stuck on top. They build very rapidly, and seem to coat everything with a sticky propolis. The queen is dark (although the pic I will attach does not do her justice due to the flash). Most of the bees look just like the italians I raised before. Some of them appear darker. They seem to be more aggressive than the italians. These things really hated my guts last time I went into the hive. So much so that I had to suit up, where normally I don't even put on long sleeves. This last inspection I fared much better.

I'm leaning towards them being Carnies. Maybe a Carnie/Italian mix. What do you guys think?

Here is a pic of the bees side by side. The one in the center is markedly darker than her sister to the right:

Here is the queen. She is much darker in person. The flash seems to have brightened things up a bit:

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