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Help me find a suit for my wife

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Trying to find something for the wife. I need help once in a while and it would be nice to even get her to go near the hives.
I got this one off of Amazon height was good but it was know where near the advertised size in the chest.

Honey Keeper Professional Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit with Self Supporting Veil Hood - XXLarge

I need something short 5-4 but with chest capacity. 44+.

Looking for a full suit as well. Don't need her getting zapped and never wanting to help again.

Chesty ladies your help is requested.
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Just do to the Mann Lake website.
ebay has what your wife needs, both full suits and jackets
ebay has what your wife needs, both full suits and jackets
Not dealing with eBay. Already sent 2 back that did not fit.
Chesty ladies your help is requested.
Truer words were never spoken.
You can call ultra breeze, believe they can custom make, or get her in a suit. Great quality that you will pay for..I have a full suit and separate jacket and also got one for my wife for the same reason help when needed. Not cheap by any measure, but you wont look back after the purchase.
When I started beekeeping, I bought a second suit for my wife. She hasn't touched it. If you are absolutely certain your wife wants to participate, get one of the suits suggested. However, if it is your idea for keeping bees and would "like" to get your wife involved, chances are, it will never get used.
Here, I'm the assistant and as such, just use a generously sized jacket. A full suit held no appeal to me. Honestly, Alison rarely uses her full suit, too. She's more comfortable with several layers at the bottom with a ventilated jacket. The nice thing about the jacket is it can be thrown on quickly when help is needed. That's worked well for me.
Try going to a industrial overall outlet company and get a female white boiler suit. They will have one to fit your partner. Then just but a bib veil.
Can say enought about how great Gaurdian suits are. They thought of everything.
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