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Help finding a part for my honey extractor

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I bought a used 4 frame extractor from my neighbor that upgraded to a fancy one. There no markings on mine and probably like most are NOT made in America with the cheap metal that the handle set up is made from.

I had the rubber part that fits between the basket attachment end and the end that comes down from the handle break on me.
See the pxs red part held both sides together.

Do you have any idea where to find this red rubber part that fits between the two parts.

The pictures are from the crank handle end.




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Its called a lovejoy connection.Most industrial supply companies and some electrical supply companies that sell electric motors have them.Companies that sell pumps should handle them also.They should be fairly easy to come by.

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GoodLand Bee Supply HEJOINT Beekeeping Honey Extractor Joint Cost 11$ out of stock
This is out of stock but is the connector between the basket and the handle

VIVO Plastic Bushing Connectors for Electric Honey Extractors (Pack of 5) (PT-BE-BU01)
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$14.99 Out of stock on Walmart, ebay and Amazon prime.

As many of the cheaper extractors that use the above connector to take care of any of the problems with poor workmanship and shaft alignment.

I have looked and you cannot find either way to fix your extractor. Funny that Goodland sells the whole part less than the 5 spider or Lovejoy connector fittings.

Let me know if you see any. Probably too cheap for any of the bee places to carry as far as I can see.

Let me Know if you know where I can get some. Tks Jim
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