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Yes its me with the white russian- ( I have russian bees) I have two hives, the south is larger than my North Hive...this Spring, I have been seeing dead bees (about 50 or more a day)out side the front of the South hive. The hive is thriving, have opened it up. It is two levels with a total of 20 frames all filled with brood and I assume honey, we put on a third story.....

Is this something to be concerned about? My "North Hive" has maybe 1 or 2 dead bees in front a month and is also thriving...we just put on a third story as well.

Do I need to worry about this? The bees seem healthy in the South hive, but we have had a pile of dead/dying bees every morning. I see no parasites on them. and other than the dead bees..they are healthy and happy bringing in pollen and nectar? Are they just cleaning out the dead bees from Winter?
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