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Help! Cone trap out gone crazy!

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I started my first cone trap out on a house several weeks ago. It's been rough, they keep finding ways back into the house. They have started using my bait hive. I think I am winning but not sure. The hive swarmed, then 7 days later it swarmed a second time. Then a 3rd time on day the 8th day, a 4th time on the 9th day, and now a 5th time on the 11th day. The first swarm was 2-3 times the size of the other 4. I was able to capture 2 of the last 4 and they weighed in at about 3.5-4lbs. The crazy thing is that this last swarm was at almost 8pm on a rainy day. I won't know till the morning if there are still any in the house or not because it was so late there were very few flying around there. There were still quite a few in my bait hive. Surely there are no more queens, right?
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No telling with a trap out. If the nectar flow was good they filled all available cells, shutting down the original queen's laying. The first swarm was probably when the original queen left with the bulk of the bees. If the bees feel good about crowding they might allow the first virgin to kill any other unhatched queens. That they've continued to swarm makes me think there's still brood hatching out and they still feel crowded.

That's got to be a MONSTER hive though and should be cut out. There's likely a LOT of honey and if there aren't bees to manage the temperatures that wax might melt and the honey run out the walls. Then you might end up with ants everywhere like in the horror movies.
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