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I'm t'Kish Kape (Cherokee for "Buck Killer"). I'm an avid gardener, both veggie and shrubbery operating a licensed nursery in Eastern Oklahoma. As evidenced by the moniker hung on me by a revered Grand Uncle, I enjoy being outdoors hunting and fishing... oftentimes when I should be working in the garden or nursery.:shhhh:

Last year my fruit trees, vines and berries suffered from lack of pollenization... only a few butterflies, wasps and flies were out working for me. It was the poorest harvest suffered in 10 years. The answer was simple... no bees.

This year I intend to have several thousand bees working for me.

I have built a total of 5 hives and am in the process of painting them. I only intend to populate two hives my first year. Pictures to follow.:lookout:
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