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Hello. New here.

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Hi everyone.
I thought I left a message here the day I joined but apparently I neglected to hit the "post" button because it never showed up.

Anyway, my wife (Sandy) and I are new to beekeeping. Got a 5-frame nuc in March and are learning something new every day. Some learning is through successes and failures and some is from folks like you.
We are looking forward to learning from and contributing to this community.

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Welcome to Beesource, KellyW.

I thought it curious to read about your post in the 'Welcome' forum over at the Beekeeping 101 forum.

Regardless, we are glad you are here, and best of luck to you with your nascent beekeeping efforts.

Thanks for the welcome, Russ.
Welcome Kelly,
So did you put them in 8 frame or 10 frame?
Did you decide on a format?

Welcome aboard

Hi GG. Thanks for the welcome.

I put the bees in a 10-frame Langstroth deep. I added a medium box on top but too late to avoid a swarm. Learning :) I have now added a queen excluder and another medium box.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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