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Hello new beek here from Utah!

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We are in our second week of our new bees and it's all very fascinating. I'm trying to get over the life long desire to run when I see a bee but so far no stings. :applause: yay! Looking forward to learning as much as I can.
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Don't run don't swat no martial arts in the apiary The more you're around your bees the fears will diminish.Suit up and just enjoy watching them, after a while you'll notice they aren't interested in you unless you smell really good to them.The suit will get to be a hassle(I feel silly in mine -don't like to wear it.)and you'll quit wearing it other than for inspections and manipulations.In hot weather I'd rather take the occasional hit and not wear it.You'll figure out when to be safe than sorry.Confidence is the name of the game you'll get there.Welcome to the world of beekeeping,and enjoy your bees!
Welcome!! Good luck with your bees.
Welcome! I'm new and in Salt Lake as well. My bees are in their hives and seem to be doing well. It is sooooooo hard not to look in on them every day. They have been going about their business longer than me so I just trust that they are fine. It's exciting.
Definitely do not inspect them every day, but you could check the entrance as often as you want.
See if there are bees bringing in pollen and propolis, just don't stand in their way.
It is tempting look in more often but we have just looked with our weekly inspection. It's cold here today to I'm a little worried about them but I'm sure they'll do fine.
Hi. Where in Utah and what kind of hive are you using?
I live in draper and we're using Langstroth hives.
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