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Hello from Wisconsin

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I've only been beekeeping for a couple of years and have a lot to learn. The first year was great.
But this long cold winter was not so good for my hives.
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Welcome Bill. It has been a crappy winter, and it is going to get down to 1 degree F again tonight. :eek:
Thanks Adrian,
After this winter I'm thinking of switching to solid bottom boards or sliding something over my screened bottom boards for winter.
Good idea, even a piece of plywood underneath will do the job.
Welcome to the board. And don't worry, it can't stay winter forever. Perhaps all this moisture bodes well for a good honey harvest.
Welcome Bill.
Welcome: Although some may argue differently, it has been my experience that it is best to close off the screened bottom board for winter in the northern latitudes.
Welcome Bill, I have open screens all winter, they work good if you have a wind block, Seems like the bees do eat a bit more honey with it open.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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