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Hello from Wisconsin/Michigan border

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I have been a hive owner for about two years, an actual beekeeper for about four weeks. I failed at swarm trapping last summer and resorted to a package buy the end of April and a nuc purchase last week. I am interested mostly in Horiz top bar hives and Warre. I didn't find a top bar nuc in my area so I created a "transition hive" to start the nuc out.

Currently my package is at home in a top bar hive and doing very well. Eleven bars with comb, seven of those almost full sized with every stage of brood plus stores. I'm impressed after four weeks with many nights below freezing and a considerable number of days of cold rain.

My nuc install was last Tuesday afternoon. They are in what I call a transition hive. This is a home built Lang box consisting of four lang frames and six top bars. I did an inspection today and was pleased to see a comb of about 70% full size. I found the queen on this bar with her but inside a cell, so, I am assuming she is laying. My eyesight is not great so I will wait a couple more weeks to verify that I have larvae and maybe capped brood. I installed a queen excluder between the frames and the top bars and hope that in 21 days the brood in the lang frame section will have emerged and I can then transfer the top bars to another hive. I'll post in "Top Bar Hives" next if you have an interest in how this is coming in the next couple months. I have questions about identifying what's happening in my hive that I will post later in the beginner area.

Thanks for any advice and encouragement...