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Hello from Twin Cities, MN

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Hi! I'm new to all of this but very interested in learning more about urban beekeeping. How do you go about finding a mentor? I found the MN Hobby Beekeepers Association but they don't meet again until May and it appears that I'm too late in the season for the classes that are offered here in the Twin Cities. Anyone in the Twin Cities who would like to help me get started? I'm in Roseville.

Perri Graham
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Welcome to Beesource!

You may also find that it may be difficult to acquire bees without placing an advance order. Package bees are definitely a seasonal item. It may be possible to purchase nucs and full size hives over a more extended period, though.

There is a introductory course on April 29 offered here:

If you haven't checked to see if its full, its worth checking. I see on that page that there are also Fall courses.
Thanks. The Eden Prairie class is full, I'll check out the fall dates.
Stillwater has a beek club - they might have someone willing to be a mentor and are right down the road from you. I was just at their monthly meeting on Monday this week - a great bunch of folks. The MN Hobby Beek group you mentioned might also have a list.
Welcome, Perry!

Joining the MHBA is a good idea. There is a member list that gets published annually. You should be able to find a local mentor on that list. Also, check out Minnesota Grown and look for honey producers in your area. They may be willing to lend you a hand.
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