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Hello from the South-East of Spain!

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Hi all!

Mi name is Beestrong and I live in the South-East of Spain, in a city near Alicante.

I have to say that I only have one year and half of experience on keeping bees but a lot of enthusiasm and wishes of do my best!

I'm really interested on keeping bees in a treatment-free way and in a way that improves their health.

Although my main priority is to keep autonomous bees able to live by their own without human intervention, I'm also interested on small-scale but 100% organic and chemical-free honey production.

At this moment I only have 15 hives, 4 or 5 of which I intend to let swarm in order to contribute to the regeneration of the feral swarms in my countryside area.

Also to add that I'm very interested on the methods described by Dee Lusby and Michael Bush, which I found really invaluable :)

Without further ado and waiting to know people interested on that, I send you Kind Regards!

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Welcome to you! Michael Bush is very active in this forum, the amount of information here is invaluable....good luck to you.

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I appreciate your philosophy of letting bees do their own thing. Lately, I've been reading Abbe Warre's book Beekeeping for All and also about Perone hives (I think the creator's name is Oscar Perone), which describe pretty much just that -- minimal human intervention. Good luck and welcome to BeeSource!
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