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Hello from the Ozark Highlands

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I'm in my third year back into beekeeping after a decades long hiatus here in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri. Things have certainly changed with the arrival of SHB and varroa mites, though my bees and I are managing. I've eight hives - four in Top Bars and four in Langs. So far I prefer the TB and the bees are calmer and build faster in the top bars as well. Granted, the Langs produce more honey, but I'm not keeping bees in order to make and sell honey. I'm keeping bees for polination, with future plans of selling nucs/queens/pkgs - any excess honey is just a bonus. My next two hive boxes are Layens, currently in the process of being built. I'm looking forward to seeing which of the three will come out on top at the end of the year.
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Welcome to the forum.
there may be a place for someone selling NUCS in TB or Layens format, seems many do the Lang NUCs several threads on conversion.

Maybe a somewhat cheap NUC box with a deposit refunded upon return.

Good luck, have fun

Welcome Highland_Honey.

Based on your locale and goals, have you read-up on Dr. Leo?

I look forward to reading about your experiences here on Beesource.

Welcome, looking forward to learning about your hive comparisons.
Welcome H-H,

I'm your neighbor to the south. I have warres and Langs. Interested in hearing your experiences with top bar and layens. :)
Welcome Highland Honey
What part of the Ozark's are you in?
There are several of us on here from your area.
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