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Hello from the Okanagan Valley

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Hi all,

First year beekeeper in the beautiful Okanagan Valley BC, Canada. I took a beginner beekeeping course in May, now I'm fully hooked on the hobby. We have some great resources for beekeeping info in our area. I purchased a four frame shallow nuc in late May. They have since been moved to a ten frame deep brood chamber. As with most new beekeepers the more I learn the more questions I have. I look forward to picking all you fellow beeks brains to get as much knowledge on the subject as possible.
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Welcome! You'll find frequent contributors from BC, mostly west of the mountains, and northern WA, as well as the rest of the world. Good luck, and happy beekeeping!
Welcome to beesource :)
Welcome. Any tourists over your way? Any heat yet? For those of you that don't know the valley, it is one of the most beautiful places in Canada.
Thanks for the welcome everyone.

The tourists started to arrive last week, mostly Albertans. Our population doubles this time of year. We are getting warm quick, 38C(100F) when I left work today.
Welcome Gtr 1990, you have to love the heat . I am new as well , two packages and three nucs this year. I am in Armstrong and a member of the North Okanagan club out of Kelowna. Lots of great people in our area. Good luck
Hey ABruce,

Its nice to see someone so close to home. I live between Vernon and Kelowna we are probably 1/2 hour from each other. Cool blog, your hives look great.
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