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Hello from southern Illinois

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This is my first year keeping bees, I have one warre and one horizontal "long lang" and am really enjoying them. I have been lurking for a long time now and really appreciate all the knowledge that I have gotten from this forum. :)
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Welcome to Beesource from NE Kansas! I'm a newbee too. There are a lot of us out here. Fortunately, there are some very experienced beeks who don't mind helping us with questions.
It's so great to know there are Warre beeks in IL! I'm in Millstadt which is about an hour away from Mt . Vernon. I've helped my husband with his Langs over the past 5 years. I decided that I wanted my own hives so bought a Warre and hived a local swarm (from a neighbors hive more than likely) in May. They're doing great-a calm hive so far although I've been pretty hands off. I really appreciate this Warre forum because this is Lang country and no one here that understands the Warre concepts.
bjverano, good to hear you have a Warre too! I felt like I was the only one. Lang country around here too to the point that I stopped telling others what I had since they just assume you have a Lang anyway. Topbar anything seems to be frowned upon around here, I have found. Since I'm just after happy bees to pollinate my garden and not wanting to sell honey, it works for me. My mentor just looked at me funny when he saw my set up for the first time but they are doing way better in the Warre than my "deep" Long Lane, the calmest bees I've ever been around. Not sure if just a great queen or the way the Warre works. Anyway, glad to know your out there!
Mine's a pollinator hive too. I don't plan on selling honey either. My husband is going to build a couple Warre's but I think he'll also keep his Langs for now. Two Warre's are all I'd like so I hope to catch another swarm next spring.
I'll have to check my map to see. Where you are. It's good to know there's 3 of us here in IL.
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