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Hello from Southern Arkansas

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I've gathered a ton of information over the last two years from this website and I figured I better say hello. I started beekeeping Spring 2013 with 4 nucs and 2 packages. I took a beginners beekeeping class and researched a lot on this website. Although there is a lot of mis-information on the net, there is also a lot of very valuable beekeeping knowledge and experience in the mix. This website in particular contains a wealth of knowledge. Every single question I've had so far has been discussed on this forum. So far I've been successful at multiplying colonies and keeping them alive. I currently have approximately 40 colonies and two outyards. I hope I can continue to keep the bees alive and ultimately run 4 outyards. This is about all I can handle as a hobby. I would like to say thanks to Beesource and all its members. Hopefully I will be able to contribute some knowledge to the beekeeping community.
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Welcome from NE Kansas Dan! This forum is the best.
Welcome to BeeSource!
Welcome! I agree -- this site is invaluable! I love the info here and all the members who contribute their experience so generously!
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