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Hello from South Texas

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I am a beginner with bee baggage. I bought 2 packages of bees last year, one survived and one did not. We had record heat and drought last summer, but one hive did survive and is thriving. I do not have a local association and am very happy to have this forum to discuss issues. It seemed to me that last year was the Murphy's Law of beekeeping for me. I thought I would give it one more try this year and bought 2 nucs. We have now had an incredible Spring and nectar is flowing like a river - I have honey to harvest in my original hive, and the 2 new ones are doing great.
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It pays to "not give up" as you can see. The bees have many lessons to teach us if we are open to learning them. Welcome from Tennessee.
Welcome, I hope this year is better for you!
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