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Hello from south Mississippi

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Hello from picayune Mississippi I am new to whole beekeeping!!i captured a swarm last week, it's currently in a 10 frame foundationless brood box and seem to be doing just fine, I am open to any and all info.
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welcome You can learn a lot here. Have fun
Hey Tony, welcome! Best of luck with those bees :)
Welcome Tony. Already swarming in Picayune huh? Been cool in North Mississippi. Want be long before swarming will begin in this area since we are normally about two weeks behind you. Good luck with your bees.
Welcome Tony,
I'm just up the road from ya in Carriere, MS. That's great ya already captured a swarm, my traps are out but have caught anything. Send me a message if ya need anything, I'm here to help. Congrats!!!
Thanks I am looking for #8 wire can't find it anywhere
I actually got it in New Orleans but that is only 50 miles from my house
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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