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Hello all,

I’m a first time poster, but a long time “lurker”. I’m located in Berks Co, in the Reading, PA area (about 1 hour NW of Philiadelphia). Most my hives are in my parents yard (10 acres in a mostly rural area) and I just added a hive in my ¼ acre suburban back yard.

I guess you could say I’m in my 3rd year of beekeeping but my experience goes back to my childhood. My father and grandfather started keeping bees when I was just kid, my job was usually to keep the smoker going while they tended the hives. As I got older and my grandfather passed away I graduated to bee keeper’s assistant helping out wherever my dad needed a hand. In the late 80’s the hives got a bit “hot” and became too much for my father to deal with so by the time I graduated HS and went off to college in 91’ we were no longer keeping bees. I always found the bees interesting so when my father expressed interest in keeping bees again I decided to restore some of the old equipment, do a bit of research and get a couple packages.

In my first winter I lost one of the hives and continued through my 2nd summer with only one hive. That hive made it through the 2nd winter but due to the numerous suggestions of it being better to have more than one hive I ordered 2 more packages and installed them this spring. My original hive in 2 Deeps was booming so I made 2 splits in a failed attempt to prevent a swarm but both splits successfully raised queens and are doing quite well so I am currently keeping 5 hives.
My next goal is to build an observation hive to hang in my kitchen. I just can’t get enough of watching the girls and always want to know what is going on inside the hive but don’t want to disrupt their activities. I just got some plans from Bonterra Bees and I have several questions for all the knowledgeable folks here at Beesource but I figured I should introduce myself before I post my questions in the Observation Hive forum. I would also like to express my gratitude to the creators & operators of this forum and all of the knowledgable members who offer their advice and input. The amount of information here is astonishing!

Since I know you guys like the pics as much as I do, here are a couple shots of my hives and bees.
Apiary Bee Beehive Grass Insect
Apiary Bee Beehive Honeybee Insect
Vehicle Automotive exterior Car Grass Tree
Bee Honeybee Insect Beehive Honeycomb

Thanks again,

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