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Hello From South Carolina

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Hello everyone! I'm new to forums in general but I thought this would be a
great way to connect with fellow beekeepers. Turning out to be a hot summer!
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Welcome to Beesource, Lowcountry Beekeeper. Glad you have chosen to join in the conversation.

Like you, it has proven to be a hot summer here in Western Kentucky- thankfully the rains have been timely.

Have you been beekeeping awhile?

I'll look forward to your contributions on here.


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Thanks for the welcome everyone. I actually started beekeeping with one hive back in the late 90's during the spring and
was able to pull one full shallow super of honey that first fall. As the story goes though, life got busy and
by the following spring I had a deadout. I always stayed interested in bees and the over the last couple of
years I've been slowly working my way back in. When I started back in the 90's I didn't even know any beekeepers
close to me so I was kind of winging it solo. Now with the internet knowledge is a lot more accessible
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