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Hello from So. Cal.

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I am just an average joe whose house bees like. I had a hive in my eaves about 2 weeks ago. A friend of a friend of a friend is a bee enthusiast and kindly came and took my hive to replace one of his that had suffered colony collapse. He explained to me all about the beekeeping process and it was really interesting to watch the removal process. Now 2 weeks later, it appears I have another hive on my hands (only this time, under the roof tiles or in the wall) so I have been doing a lot of research trying to find a non-costly way to remove them. I don't believe in killing them, after all, they have just as much right to make a secure home as we do. Unfortunately, I live with my parents and they don't exactly agree with me. I look forward to trying my hand at my own beekeeping in the near future when I have a home of my own. For now, it will have to remain a topic of interest in my life.
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Do a little research, give them the alternative of insects, honey and other organic hive matter rotting in the wall and drawing rodents. How muh to tent the house and live in a hotel for a few days? The dead organic material will still be in the house after the rats are dead.
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