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Hey - I'm Ruth in San Jose, and having finally bought a house, Lise and I are settling right on in. It's a busy Spring in our garden, where we''ve just rototilled our front yard and put in a big garden bed for veggies and pollinator attracting flowers, and we're getting set up and learning all we can before our package bees arrive this coming weekend at the end of March, 2014.

We've been given a top bar hive, and are prepping it with advice from a master beekeeper from the San Mateo guild. I've made appropriate sized top bars for it (the friends who had made it years ago didn't get that the width of the bars was an important measure) with 10" guide sticks down the centers, and plan to do direct installation.

I very much look forward to meeting folks in this community, and in sharing the joys and trials and lessons learned, and asking a lot of questions...
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