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Hello from San Diego!

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I live in San Diego County and have been following various topics regarding bees for a while. I have hiked around areas where hives are wintered and always found them to be interesting.

Recently, I became interested in possibly starting and maintaining a hive or two as I am always tending to things natural. My SO has considered the same thing as a way to help with what we both view as a problem; the disappearance of bees.

I just wanted to stop in a say hello! Look forward to learning and participating in the beekeeping community.
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Wecome, I hope you deepen your interests enough to join the ranks of beekeepers.

Might I suggest joining a local beekeeping association? You don't necessarily need bees to be a member.
Welcome. I am new here myself and I love San Diego. I am jealous of you for living there! Good luck with beekeeping. -Brent
I would like to welcome you to the Bee Forum. :lookout:

I was born and raised in San Diego. Lived for awhile in Poway, Rancho Bernardo and San Diego State College area. I now live in Montana and every winter I ask myself "Why I ever left SD". Im new to beekeeping this year. I have built my own hives and will get my bee packages in May. I hope you jump in and try a hive.

Helena, Montana
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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