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Hello From Rochester Hills, Michigan

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I started beekeeping as a Boy Scout merit badge effort in Lake County Ohio during the 1970's. I had a wonderful mentor who was in his 70's and spared no effort or love to get me started. I fondly remember chasing swarms and building much of my hives and frames in high school woodshop. After 35 some years of first military and then family, I have returned to a love that has never been far from my heart. I now live in Southeastern Eastern Michigan and have 2 new hives. I remember most of what I learned as a teen but am thrilled with the available access of the wealth of printed and internet information and quite happy to be able to purchase from many of the same suppliers that were there when I first started. (I remember reading the AI Root & Walter Kelly catalogs until they were worn out).

I am more excited than ever to return to beekeeping and completely enthralled with it. I am also very much looking forward to both learning and contributing to this forum community.

Mike Franks
Rochester Hills, Michigan
mjfranks at wowway dot com
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Thank you all for the welcomes!

Can someone tell me how to add my hometown to my posts where it lists your location? Mine just says "United States". I have gone to my profile page and can't find a place that allows me to add my hometown yet I see everyone else's posted.

Thank You!
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