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Hello from Port Orchard WA

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Joined yesterday, not a bee keeper but been messing with the mason bees for a few years. Saw lots of posting about the little guys so thought I would join the group. Lots of bees flying last few days. My two apple trees are not showing bud color yet so hope things work out OK. I read here the mason bee only works 2 or 3 weeks and not many native honey bees around here so I hope the trees bloom before my masons are finished for the year.
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Welcome to Bee Source Have you checked out a local club near you. Not sure how close these guys are to you

Thank for the welcome and the link. I am only involved with mason bees so not sure joining a bee club is the way for me. I am on the Kitsap county side of the Narrows bridge so not to far away. I did pick up a contact from the site however so thanks again.
Welcome, I would like to know more about our native pollinators.
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