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Hello from Northern Ohio

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Hi everyone, new to beekeeping this spring, 1 package of italians installed on April 30, have made alot of mistakes so far, but the bees seem to know better than I, so far so good. Member of GCBA and LCBA, looking forward to the fairs, if you are a beek and ever near Westlake, pls stop by, love talking about bees.
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Welcome to Beesource, and to the beekeeping world. I'm a little south of you in Stark County. This has been a terrific year in Northern Ohio for building up new colonies.

I call on customers in the Medina area, so next time I'm up that way I'll try to look you up and we can talk bees for while. Again, welcome.
Hi EllieBee,
Welcome. I grew up in Avon, but went to kindergarten in Westlake. Our church was also there.
welcome to beesource from columbus. I used to spend a lot of time in rocky river.
This is a great place to learn. Hey from Southeastern Michigan.
Hey Shaun, thanks for the welcome, I was just up your way last week.
Haven't made it to the GCBA meeting since this spring, where we donated a hive and other goodies. Glad you are able to attend those meetings over at Rocky River/Berea Fairgrounds.

You should also look at attending the OSUE/TCBA Wooster, OH meeting in March. It's the biggest one-day meeting in the USA.

Welcome, may your supers be heavy and your smoker never go out!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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