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Hello from Northern California!

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Just a quick intro as i'm new here - i am looking to start beekeepin in spring '15. Here to read, read, read, and gather as much info as i can before i start. Thankful for this website and all of the amazingly experienced beekeepers here!
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Welcome! You've come to the right place if you're looking for insights on taking care of bees. I used to live in Santa Rosa around Mayette Village back in the 60's. I bet it's change a bit.
Welcome from NE Kansas! This is an amazing forum, with so many great beeks that are willing to share their experience...enjoy!
I was introduced to beekeeping on Mountain View Ave. in south Santa Rosa in 1967. I just last night had dinner with the father and son who got me started. Used to be all orchards there, a lot of mustard honey in spring.
Welcome for San Francisco!
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