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Hi all my name is Aca pronounced Asa but I go by Ace
You guys have just to much fun here
Just getting started in bees I will be getting bees just as soon as I can catch them the first 70+ day should do the trick have traps out now ( flower pot and 8 frame boxes) and on the local beek list for swarms.( police and fire dept.) Have some boxes to paint and frame's to fill with foundation( spring chores ) I helped a neighbor when I was in high school with he's bees. in the 70's and all ways wanted to get in to bee keeping so now's the time. I have a leg up on most I have a mentor to help. He has 40 or so hives and helps a commercial friend with 500 plus hives so one way or another i will have bees this year.
Looking forward to the fun (Work) of bee keeping.
Am I the only N.C. Idaho bee keeper here just wondering
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