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Hello from North Carolina

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Hi folks
I have been beekeeping for 3 years. Its a great hobby and I love beekeeping. I have 3 hives at present, one that wintered over and 2 new NUCs.
I inspected my hives today to find that I all 3 hives are full of all stages of brood, but very little honey stores. It has been a strange year for weather here in NC.
We had a very late frost in May this year. Also unusually rainy, then exceptionally hot then really rainy again. All my life the June bugs do not come out until June, this year I found 3 of the June bug exoskeletons on my back porch in May. The nectar flow is mostly over here and my hives have very little honey stores. Should I feed them sugar syrup? Or does anyone know what is going on with my bees. Help
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