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Hello from Nebraska

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Hello, all long time viewer and a complete newbie when it comes to beekeeping and thought I'd join and and possibly ask some questions in the future. I live in the great State of Nebraska.

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You may want to check out the local beekeeping meetings...
Hi! I'm from Omaha, but I'm in Nebraska City a lot... love to watch the observation hive at the lodge!
Welcome Here!! I have been at bees for a total of about 7 years scattered over 30 years. If I had stuck it out when I was a young beekeeper and had a place like this to post questions etc, I would have hundreds of hives by now. In any event learn to seek out answers. Someone may have told you by now but if not I will let you know that there are different things people have learned with different types of bees in different climates and there are more than one right answer to a problem you may have or a burning question in your mind. There are different "fads" I have come to learn also that may be the popular thing for a few years. As some one else posted, seek your local beekeepers out. They know their area and places for supplies, queens, and nectar flow and pollen plants etc. And by all means never feel like the question you have is a dumb one. The question never asked is the "dumb one". Peace Steve
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thanks all for the warm welcome!
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