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Hello from Missouri

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently not a beekeeper, but eventually I'd love to be. I've always been interested but until recently nothing really pulled together.

About six months ago I noticed a neighbor in my subdivision had a "filing cabinet" in their yard behind their shed. I wondered if it was actually related to bees but since our communtiy is very wide spread I'm not familiar with the people so I never stopped by. However, I figured it out once I saw someone out in full garb over the hive one day.

More recently, at work, one of the guys brought some honey in for a lady I work with. Though I haven't had a chance to speak with Mike I know him well enough so eventually I'll be able to track him down and pick up some tips/info.

Today after work I got online and actually found that there is a local beekeepers association right in my town. I emailed the head of the association and am waiting to hear back from him. Shortly thereafter I found this site... so here I am :)
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Hello and welcome!

This forum is a good place to learn more about bees and beekeeping. Be sure to check out the "How to Start Beekeeping" subforum: there's a lot of good info there on the basics.

Getting involved with a local club is a great idea. Clubs often offer beginning beekeeping classes and provide opportunities to find mentors and get connected with nearby beekeepers. Much of beekeeping is location-specific, and the local beeks will be able guide you with respect to what works best in your area.
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