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Hello, I'm a new beek from Winnipeg, Mb.

I took the beekeeping course at the U of M and got my first hive last May.

I keep my bees in a field about a km from my house. The fields in the area are uncultivated and parts contain tons of clover, while the rest is mostly wildflowers, willows, and thistles. Uncle Joe(the man who owns the property) had this old apple tree in his yard, my bees essentially wrecked it due to the sudden increase in pollination; The resulting load of apples partially broke off a bough:eek:

My bees were doing pretty good, but I lost my queen late fall. Because I won't have any bees come spring, I'm gonna get two nucs(I bought a whole colony last time) and start again.

I've learnt a lot, though I still find management somewhat stressful, since I don't always know what times of year to do certain things yet. I also need to get better at note-keeping. At first I was scared of being stung, but after being stung in the head I stopped caring so much.

I've been lurking a long time and like forums wayyy better than fb, since I can choose and search content better.
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