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Hello From Livermore, CA

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Hello everyone. Located in the east bay about 45 min east of San Francisco. I am getting my first hive set up squared away and will be getting my girls this spring. My top bar hive was made for me by my father from beautiful reclaimed redwood that he found who knows where. I've done a small amount of work with my landscaping adding bee friendly flowers and I am putting together a pond for a fresh water source. Very interested in sort of a minimalist approach to beekeeping not necessarily treatment free but doing just what needs to be done.I look forward to learning what I can from this forum.
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Welcome to Beesource- I believe you've come to the right place to learn about beekeeping approaches that support your goals.

Have you ever worked with Alden Lane Nursery? I have bought nursery stock from them and as I understand it they are located in Livermore?

Best of success to you with your beekeeping efforts.

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