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Hello all! Steve Parker here from Joshua Tree California between October through May, and then Tomah Wisconsin in the summer.
I'm attempting to retire my concrete and general construction career as we speak. My wife was an executive in corporate America for many years, and has a long running rock climbing giude/school in Joshua Tree. We also own a couple of unique vacation rentals in Joshua Tree as well.
As for the Bees.... We are new to this incredible venture. It's been something I've been fascinated with, but truly had no idea what or how it works. Five months ago I hadn't even seen or knew what honey comb was. Never knew what it looked like in a hive, let alone in a hive body.
We are so into this new gig for several unexpected reasons. The most intriguing part is how special the honeybee is. Purely God's coolest little bug. We also like the part about how important it is to support these everso needed pollinators. And then there is the honey!
Our newly inspired goal is to be involved in several aspects of beekeeping. Honey, bee wrangling migratory pollination, and queen rearing...and not to forget about learning how to make theses girls healthy.
I got into this by chance. An employee of mine (Jack) is a beekeeper. His cousin is a large scale commercial beekeeper with 50k plus hives throughout the country. And he's willing to share his experience with us. Jack fired me up so quickly, I insisted I help him wrangle bees out of water meters and such. Jack and I have committed to partner in this venture with intentions of marketing our honey, and build up enough hives to pollinate on a small scale...couple hundred hives or so. By the way, Jack has wrangled up to 80 plus hives this year alone! We are off to a good start.
My wife and I now have 15 hives on our property in Joshua Tree. And now that we're summering in Tomah Wisconsin, I've been obtaining bee equipment like crazy on this end. We have one super healthy hive here, and planning to hit the ground running next spring.
It didn't take long for me to see that living in two extreme opposites of our country, the climate zones require two completely different understandings of beekeeping. Wow!
I'm here because I love information from folks who love to share good info. This site/forum comes up most times I do a search. I've got lots of questions, concerns, and ideas. A season ago, I took up the hobby of rock crawling, being that I'm also a fabricator. A good friend of mine said at the start that...all I need was a credit card and a forum (Pirate4x4) for ideas and information. It was awesome!
I have developed a few good contacts here in Wisconsin, a retiring beekeeper, a bee inspector/beekeeper, and a few friends that own cranberry marshes.
Well, that's part of my story! And I look forward to being a part of this forum. I can tell by reading some of the threads that I'm in great company.

Thank you all in advance!
Steve Parker
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