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Hello from Florida

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I've always had a general interest in insects and thought I'd give bee keeping a shot - see how it fits. I've just started to read up and learn a bit but haven't picked up any supplies or anything yet. I've noticed some hives while driving around and am completely intrigued with the whole process. If anybody knows somebody in the North Central Florida area looking for an extra hand or just wanting to share some knowledge please let me know. I'm just south of Lake City, right off of 47, a bit north of Ft. White.

Take Care,
John Hannum
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As a member of the Marion County Club, just a bit south of you, Welcome.

Besides our sister club in Alachua County, there may be more meeting closer.

Learning from other members is a great way to work with hives BEFORE purchasing your own. Worked for me very well and others here on this forum.

Be sure to check the clubs sub forum also.

Welcome to our addiction!
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